Able Player Examples

Able Player is a fully accessible cross-browser HTML5 media player designed from the ground up to meet the diverse needs and preferences of all users.

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Here are some examples of Able Player in action:

Audio Examples

  1. Audio player with one track and preferences
  2. Audio player with non-zero start time (disallowed in some browsers)
  3. Audio player with a playlist
  4. Audio player with interactive transcript in "Lyrics Mode"
  5. Audio player with Metadata track (type = text)
  6. Multiple audio players (one track each)
  7. Multiple audio players (each with its own playlist)
  8. Audio Player on a page with form fields

Video Examples

Localized Examples

Other Examples


The audio examples feature songs from the album Flavors by Flow Theory, provided courtesy of Terrill Thompson.

The video examples feature clips from videos produced by The DO-IT Center at the University of Washington. Additional videos are available on the DO-IT Video website, which uses Able Player.